Thursday, June 19, 2008

Caps for Sale

Today we spent some time with those rascally monkeys in Caps for Sale. J3 loves to use glue.

Let's put on the cover!

Our 3yo cutting expert!

Lapbook in progress- we matched hats this morning and talked about who would wear each one. The chef hat he said Pasketti wears it- as in Chef Pasketti from Curious George (he's a chef!). There's also a mixing flip book to have fun with.

Color matching barrel of monkeys

J3 and I played a game where I say, "Monkey monkey in a tree throw the ______ cap down to me!" He really liked this. I had him stand on our climbing structure to pretend he was in tree. He had to throw the colors I named down to me. He sure does know his colors!!

J2 and I have spent a little time with Caps for Sale over the last week or so. We are going to do bunches of work with monkeys. A new puppet will appear and we started his first lapbook. I think he'll enjoy sitting with it again and looking at all the fun things inside.

E9 took this kinda blurry picture of me reading to I-5 and J2

J2 tries to trace an M. He loves to do "school" like everyone else. I'm going to encourage him to color the monkeys this week.

Stay tuned for more Caps for Sale. J2 (who will be three in a couple of weeks) works in spurts. Right now he is in a playdough phase. He and I have spent a lot of time with dough lately!
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Dawne said...

I love seeing how you guys row your books, Heather. :)