Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Signs of Spring...At Last!

We've seen several signs of spring in the last couple of weeks. Where we live the weather stays cold for a loonnnggg time. No matter how long I live here, this is still a difficult time of year. Where I'm from, the weather has broken and things have begun to bloom and the sun is warm by now. Here it will be Memorial Day before the weather is consistently warm. What a long time to wait! However, in more recent years I have begun to really appreciate the subtle signs of spring even if the weather isn't getting too warm, it is a signal that warm weather will indeed arrive.

We saw the first robins on the side of the road the other week. I actually saw them in mid-flight and shouted to R7 who was riding in the car with me. Sure enough there were more on the shoulder of the road for confirmation.

Once I saw them, I began to listen for the red-winged blackbirds and a week later I heard them stepping out the door from MOPS. That was two weeks ago today. Yesterday afternoon we heard the third promising sign and it's my absolute favorite! I opened the door to put recycling out (we had been out earlier and not heard them) and I heard the spring peepers! I called to the kids and didn't tell them and R7 shouts, "Spring Peepers!" What an exciting discovery!

Earlier in the day she wrote a rhyming poem and she agreed to share it with you.

Spring Peepers

Spring peepers are frogs

Sitting on logs

They are loud
and attract a crowd

They don't come out in a storm,
but they do come out when it's warm.


Saille said...

There's a bluegrass song on iTunes called Spring might like it!

deleise said...

We just started all of our spring nature stuff. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Very nice poem, by the way!

Jennifer said...

What a great poem! I miss the peepers...
We do have monster Cuban Frogs here though, they sound so strange!