Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Money Game

Our littlest boys have recently gone through a "money" phase. Their play was all about the cash register and counting coins. I-5 is especially particular about telling you how many coins make a dollar in varying denominations. I think he just likes showing off new math skills. Today I told him to, "Wait a minute" and he replied, "That will be 60 seconds."

We played this game during Higgins Bend Song and Dance while keeping store. The store was all over the place during the week. I think we'll need to get some replacement money with our next school order just to be sure we can play in the future!

I found this game from another lapbooking blog I visit. They have different themes like McDonald's menu items, candy and a few others. I chose the candy for fun. The kids were told how much the candy was worth and they had to choose the coins to match. Very cool math game!


Jen said...

I am LOVIN' that money game idea--I think maybe I will print off the pet shop ones for tomorrow since it is the cat's birthday and really, who gets much school done on the cat's birthday?? I don't know that Jack is really ready for it, but I think he will enjoy trying it out since he likes to play store and is getting better with his counting.

Alana - The Mommy said...

I just saved the candy cards. When I have ink, we are printing and playing for sure!

Kelly said...

The Pet Shop cards are too cute! As soon as I find some cardstock, I will print them off.

My girls will love the Candy Store cards to play store with...maybe my cans will stay in the cabinet then!