Sunday, March 30, 2008

Higgins Bend Song and Dance- Part 2

We spent a total of three weeks doing Higgins Bend Song and Dance from volume 4 of FIAR. It is a great example of a tall tale in which a fisherman tries to catch an elusive catfish. Both I-5 and R7 had a great time with this story. Below are the notebook pages and activities we did during the study.

I-5's notebook- the kids put in pictures of a local creek with lots of bends on the title page and they each wrote a tall tale and we reviewed other tall tales we've read.

We talked about money and had lots of money fun.

We used the print outs from HSS to talk about potatoes and our favorite potato recipes.

We talked about bends in rivers and how they are made along with river math- we discussed why water is so heavy and some of the longest rivers in the world.

Here R7 is trying her hand at some watercolor art. Prang brand comes with such a great brush and the colors are so rich. We also tried out some watercolor paper on this project. I highly recommend it for all watercolor art!! It looks fantastic and even J2 didn't make a mess.

I-5 chose to recreate an illustration with the big fish looking up at the fisherman.

We did short book reports on the story and talked a lot about animals and plants that live near or in rivers.

They tried their hand at cross section drawings.

The River Life book- I used print outs from Enchanted Learning to make a book about the creatures found there. We read books about the different animals and plants then they had to color them correctly.

For the animals not found at EL, I used google images and found a perfect loon and red-winged blackbird.

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