Monday, April 14, 2008

Harold and the Purple Crayon

Last week we had an adventure with Harold and his Purple Crayon. The kids were both very excited for this unit. We didn't get as many crayon techniques in as I had wanted so this week we are finishing up a few of those- like resist and a few others and doing some 3Rs. Grandparents arrive on Thursday so it will be a short week anyhow- not to mention that it is spring break for the area schools. The weather is fantastic this week (which is not the norm for most breaks around here) and Wednesday afternoon we are having some friends over to play.

Without further ado, our purple art!

R7 has it all in her purple collage.

I-5's purple collage- he chose only paper shapes and some foam.

J2's purple collage. He was all about the paint which you can't see all that well. We used dot painters.

The page we used to talk about foreshortening of circles and squares- very fun lesson!

R7 is making her rendition of the foreshortened circles that make up "all nine kinds of pie" that Harold liked best.

I-5 said he knew allll about foreshortening from his Cut and Create class at Co-op. Check out the foreshortened speed boat you guys!

R7's drawing in perspective- she did pretty well making the objects up front bigger and adding her vanishing point.

I-5's drawing in perspective. He was doing great until he added the dirt road!

In addition to all the art, we also talked about puns and used a few for their copywork.

Here's a I was making a dinner today of chicken pot pie, the kids were chatting about Harold and his love for pies. I-5 wonders out loud, "I wonder if he likes chicken pot?" As in chicken pot pie but said as if asking if someone at Thanksgiving prefers apple or pumpkin when referring to the pie offerings!

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