Friday, April 11, 2008

Make Way for Ducklings

Oh this is just one of my very favorite books! Robert McCloskey has written some delightful children's books and this morning I happened upon this biography about him. We rowed this title two years ago when R7 was in kindergarten and I-5 was just three. Boy does time fly! Well I just feel that I-5 needs to row this one and R7 wanted to come along for the fun. No problem! The setting is Boston and this will give us a chance to visit that town again and learn a few more things about its history (you may remember we finished rowing Paul Revere's Ride just a few weeks ago). In fact, one of our go along books is Sleds on Boston Common by Louise Borden. Back when E9 was at the local school, she was a guest at the school so we met her and enjoyed her presentation.

This week we will:
  • Monday- review the location of Boston (co-op day so it is a light day with just an overview of the setting)
  • Tuesday- MA flag, seal, and of course the capital Boston- mapping activity on the city of Boston, rhyming words for Language Arts
  • Wednesday- being appreciative, vocabulary, Caldecott medal, art- speed and water lines, research and prep (Mr. McCloskey actually bought ducks and had them in his apt so he could watch them and draw them well)
  • Thursday- counting, grouping/multiplication, converting days to weeks
  • Friday- Animal Parenting, ducks (incubation and other duck facts), conservation
We finished this book on Monday and here the results!

R7's cover page- check out the bling around the book title!

I-5's title page across from his MA page

I-5's rhyming list and maps- they each made a map of their room complete with a compass rose

We counted 21 days for duck egg incubation and figured out how many weeks that is

R7's rhyming poem and MA page

R7's map and vocabulary pocket along with an empty (so far) counting sheet

I-5's incubation page with information all about ducks around it

R7's art page- there's a picture of an object drawn in monochromatic brown just like the book- the object was a pack of sequencing cards and it looks just like she drew it. Nice job! There's also information about the Caldecott Medal and other books we've read with the same honor- on is another Robert McCloskey book and another of our favorites!

I-5's counting page- we tallied up how many ducks appeared in the book. It sure was a lot especially after the ducklings arrived!


Edwena said...

Your scrapbooks look great. We're looking forward to rowing "Make Way for Ducklings".
Edwena from FIAR

Nancy said...

This is such a great entry! I was just blogging about when my youngest did a lapbook on Make Way for Ducklings and had to link to yours so people could see a MUCH more thorough project. Wow! You go girl!