Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Easter!

The season of Easter lasts 50 days so I figure I still have some time to report in on our fun day. On Saturday we colored eggs with the aforementioned egg coloring kits. A great time was had by all. On Sunday morning the kids woke up and got to hunt for their Easter baskets. Each child gets a bucket with a clue egg inside. Then they must open the egg and read the clue to find the next egg with a clue. Eventually, the clues will lead them to their baskets carefully hidden. E9 had a tough time as Dan upped the ante on him regarding clues. They were hard to follow!

And in case you are wondering we don't do the Easter bunny. No particular reason, but we never have. We do get visits from Santa, however. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew that one day these two worlds would collide. This year they sure did. Right at the dinner table. The Easter Bunny was either spotted at the mall or at the library handing out eggs at story time. I can't remember which siting caused the controversy. A discussion ensued about the origins of the Easter Bunny and his function in society. Dan and I just explained the some people do the Easter Bunny. He brings baskets to the houses on Easter. R7 decides that is just dumb to which E9 says and I quote, "Well that's more believable than a fat man in a red coat who flies around in a sleigh drawn by reindeer giving out toys from a bag that never gets empty. And one of those reindeer has a glowing nose!" Dan and I about fell on the floor laughing. I simply said, "Who knew the Easter Bunny could cause this much controversy!" In the end I'm not sure what was decided. I will say this is the first time E9 has ever had an opinion on Santa and it was hilarious. R7 finds Santa completely real while the Easter Bunny bringing baskets is totally unbelievable. See I knew eventually this discrepancy would catch up with me!

egg spinner in action- it rolls eggs around on some ink that never looks dry.

R7- the master of all things artsy

egg central

Thanks goes out to Grandpa and Grandma for the fun box we found on our porch yesterday! The mail carrier left it quietly, so Dan brought it in when he came home.

So, I guess we'll be dying some eggs this year, huh? I wonder if it will turn out as hilarious as the year E9 was a toddler and dunked eggs in an unauthorized fashion while I was narrating a certain video...

We've been enjoying each evening discovering two Resurrection eggs this year. If your origins of the Passover are a little rusty, just ask R7 who gave a lovely, excruciately accurate narration of the plague in Egypt and the "passing over" the other night. Gee- I wonder who that girl's Sunday school teacher is anyway? That was AMAZING! ; ) (FYI- Dan has been teaching 1st/2nd SS for four years until recently)

I'm anxious to try out the egg spinner and the shiny egg decorations!

Happy Easter Everyone!
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