Wednesday, February 6, 2008

We Love Wedgits!

We discovered wedgits at a friend's house one time. She was a person I visited often when we first began homeschooling (Hi Cathy!). Her boys were always involved in something when we visited and she always pulled out some fun things for my kids to experience. One such toy were the wedgits.
Dan makes a triumphant interlocking design. You can do a lot of cool things with Wedgits.

We now have a large collection of Wedgits. With four children, I always find it best to have a lot of something. There is only so much toy sharing I want to manage. I often speak to groups of moms and suggest open ended toys for them. Wedgits are one example. Kids will always come back for more creative play. Other open-ended toys on our shelves include maple blocks, legos, milk carton blocks, lincoln logs, and the wooden train set just to name a few.
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