Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the Box...A Trip Back in Time!

One of my recent goals has been to clean out this big box of teacher stuff. This is just one of the boxes I brought home from my former middle school classroom. When I left I took it all (back then I had the room!) and I've slowly been getting rid of stuff. I have about four to five smaller boxes that I've gone through at least once. I'll probably visit them again, but for now I decided to tackle the largest box of them all. When it's empty, it will get holes drilled in the bottom and we'll use it out on the porch to store outside stuff in the warmer weather when we use it a lot.

At one point I had stuffed some of Dan's graduate work on the top and once I took that off, this is what was left behind. We have a set of slates that I used for cooperative learning games, a nice set of organic chemistry models, some student games and art work, the signs that were posted on one chalkboard where I left work for those absent, the sign for my time out desk- THE ABYSS (yes, it was scary and I used to tell my students that an abyss is the biggest, deepest, darkest trench on the ocean floor where NO ONE can find you or help you. There was a full sized human skeleton that stood next to it too. And yes, it worked. I hardly ever had to send anyone there!), a basket of bathroom passes- ewwwww probably a crazy set of germs on those. They are already in the trash. Under that are two large piles of files to go through. I'm part way done now.

I will save some stuff. I can't give away all my labs and stuff from 6th and 7th grade science. After all, I still have to teach it in just a few short years. I am only keeping the good stuff though. It will be exciting to part with this big box. I've got plans for a filing cabinet in its place. The implementation of a vision continues!

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