Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snowflake Bentley Notebook Pages

R7 worked on some snow similes today. She was delighted to make some snowflakes to go with it.
Wilson Bentley was born in Vermont so she did some Vermont geography. I think we have one more component to add before the week is over.
Title page for the book- the snowflakes are from a small Dover stained glass book.
Here is her first simile- Snow is as white as sugar. The other booklet talks about other famous people who were homeschooled (Mark Twain, Thomas Edison, Beatrix Potter to name a few)

Not showing today, because we haven't put the book in her notebook yet, is the microscope booklet we did last week. I'll be sure to add that one when a new page is done.
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Shannon said...

Your daughter's snow pages look terrific! Love the dollhouse too. :)