Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's Tree Time!

Tradition says two things about our Christmas tree cutting. First, there must be snow on the ground for a truly wonderful experience. Second, there is always a good game of hide and seek among the trees once the tree has been cut.

Today was mostly perfect. Aside from the blowing winds making the wind chill about 10 degrees, there was plenty of snow and mostly still falling and we had the second part of the day free to get the job done.

The finished results are not in just yet... there was trouble with the lights. Love that series wiring, now just how long will it take to find the bad bulb or maybe it's the fuse. Whichever, Dan had to walk away for a while! When the tree is fully decorated I will be sure to post the result.

Stay tuned for that and a glimpse of our FIAR tree!

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