Friday, October 19, 2007

Apple Stamping!

As a final fun activity for our apple pie travels, the kids did some apple stamping today. J2 had a ton of fun. I made sure to do this in the morning so he could join us and he had a great time. He loves apples and didn't hesitate to take a bite even though these were covered in paint. After his bout of a stomach bug yesterday, I'm not sure eating paint was a terrific idea. I ended it as soon as I got the picture! Suffice it to say that I cannot leave apples in a bag on the floor or wherever because he will help himself.

I also found while gathering apple colors, that we need to replace some paint. I'm on the move to pick out some really cool stuff that can combine with other media to make things shimmer and glitter and even puff or stay on fabrics. This stuff can even be made into putty. I'll be sure to update when I have this resolved!

Here are the results of our rainy day fun!

R7 does a nice job. I really like the yellow tree.

E9 joined in the fun because well...everyone needs to take time to paint! You can't see it, but the all red page has a tree drawn in. Now that these are dry, we can add the details with marker if they want.

J2 really enjoyed the apple stamping and especially the yellow paint. Man was he a cutie painting away!!

I-5 is a minimalist. To show this effect, I've also added last week's library time trees. He goes for the less is more philosophy and apparently has switched from loving red to loving green even more right now.

These were made by J2 (right) and R7 (left) at the story time we attend each week in the village. They each got a trunk to glue down and then brushes for the liquid starch. The tissue paper squares stuck to the starch after brushing the page. I like how R7 has hers tumbling off of the tree.


Sheri said...

Oh thanks for the great ideas!! We are rowing a non FIAR book next week, I am creating the study as we go, and the apple stamping will fit right in (IF I remember to get apples! LOL)

Shannon said...

The apple prints look great! I also like the tissue paper tree craft. We may use that next week during our leaf unit.
Hope your littlest is feeling better!