Saturday, August 4, 2007

Big, Green Pocket Book

This summer we've been doing some school work together in the mornings. Everyone has been doing math to prepare for the coming school year. Ethan has been working on his baseball study and it's been slow going. His real passion of course is Virginia Tech football so I made a deal with him that I would write him a unit study on college football IF he got a little more motivated on the baseball deal. I5, R7, and J2 have done some summer "rowing" of a few Before Five in a Row titles.

Of course I had to get in The Big, Green Pocketbook with my only girl before it was too late. I'll make sure you see a picture of her notebook too. This is the story of a little girl who goes on a day of errands with her mother and brings a huge purse that is empty. R7 never leaves home with an empty purse, but this day she did leave it in her room instead! I took her out for the afternoon to hit a bunch of places. We covered a lot of ground! R7 loves to shop with me and we got a photo outside of each store. That was the day we brought home the Creation Station from Walmart. We made copies of patterns for our puppets. We stopped and picked up birthday presents from our local science center and finally we made it to the mall to share an Auntie Anne's strawberry dutch ice and some time in Target and bookstore. We could have stayed on, but the boys needed something for dinner and we didn't want to miss it ourselves, so we went on home. Next time we'll be sure to hit "the smelly store" as R7 calls it. Any guesses? Bath and Body works! She's such a girl!

Now she is working on her own story about a day out with mom and it will be illustrated with photographs. She's been embellishing the pages with portions of the Fold n' Learn from FIAR.

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