Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summer Adventures!

Well after a few short weeks of "summer time", I quickly discovered that our children need some more structure to their day! All along I had planned for them to continue with math and reading practice. E reads voraciously so the challenge with him is to keep him in books. R has really begun to take off with her reading which has been so exciting to see. She's up to reading the Magic Tree House series- not bad for finishing first grade! But as the kids had more and more free time with the school year drawing to a close, it became very obvious that they need some more time being engaged in something otherwise this mama might never find the end to this summer!

Once again, the FIAR boards came to the rescue when a mom posted about her children's adventure boxes. I was so intrigued by the unit studies she had chosen for her kids. Usually we all study the same thing together. It's one of the things that makes a unit study so fun. We can all journey together. However, this woman pointed out that she wanted her kids to have the chance to pursue something that was of interest to them on their own. This got me thinking about what adventures my kids could embark on for the summer. I decided to give the kids some options for summer study based on what we already have on hand in our collection and what they are excited about learning. I figured I could add some things to the box that are new and fun for the kids to explore.

The results?

E- will be having a "Sporting" adventure this summer. He has been obsessed with sports and particularly Hokie football which he watches with his dad. So, his adventure box contains a sports history lap book, some sports stickers and foam pieces for crafts, and the Amanda Bennett unit study on baseball. He's very excited to begin. The baseball study will last four weeks and he will produce a notebook full of fun information, articles, team stats, among other things.

R- is going to be all things "Princess"! She has a princess kit full of crafts and a whole 10 weeks worth of reading to do on the topic using the Usborne Ten Terrific Weeks curriculum on princesses. How exciting for her to be reading these books on her own this year! So far I'm planning to start the new school year in the fall with the FIAR book Duchess Bakes a Cake and she'll be super ready to share her knowledge by then.

I- will be traveling through space and getting to know his beloved Star Wars a little more. He has many books on space and the planets "lined" up as well as sticker books on Star Wars and planets. Of course we found some other crafts using star shapes and foam!

J- will be doing some much loved reading with Mommy and some sticker books using words he knows. I'm still working on his box so this isn't the end product.

Each day we'll set aside some time to work on the adventures and we'll make sure to report in along the way!

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Alana said...

Hey Heather! Still really enjoying your blog. What have we been doing? Canning blackberry jam, hanging out, and preparing for our first year of more than one child homeschooling! ACK! I am a little in stress mode. I think more money will make it better right? JK!