Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hank the Cowdog Quote of the Day!

I've mentioned Hank in another post, but lately we've really been enjoying him. We've discovered the joy of listening to Hank on CD in the van as we travel around. It's so fun to hear what he gets himself into. If you've never read or heard Hank the Cowdog, then treat yourself to a great time. Hank is the Barney Fife of the ranch world and he is absolutely hilarious.

One of my favorite things about Hank is the dialogue the author uses. It's just so funny! So, I thought where is there a better place to share some of the ones I think are the funniest? Oh yes, my blog!

First, I have to catch you up on the ones I've already thought of. Then look for occasional entries on my Hank quote of the day. John Erickson, thanks for the gift of genius dialogue!

So far, my all time favorite-

"I burped dead fish all afternoon." When read the right way this one send my kids into peels of laughter.


"Every time my stomach chugged and filled the cab with that awful sandwich..." Also makes the kids laugh heartily.

This week-

"Heh, heh, y'all dogs are throwin' up sparks."

These are all read with the best Texan accent you can muster.

To be continued...

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Fatcat said...

I heard a good one today

"Don't bang your head on trees no matter how much you hate bird dogs."