Sunday, April 15, 2007

Field Trip to the Cornell Veterinary School Open House

Yesterday we visited the vet school open house at Cornell University. We'd been once before and it is always a super crowded event. Our first stop had to be the raptors. All the children love seeing the birds of prey. Even J our 22 mos old walked in the room and began saying, "Owl!"

We were able to see this Peregrine Falcon named Diane, a hawk from the southwest US, an Eastern Screech Owl, and a Barred Owl. All of the birds were wonderful to see up close and after our study of Owl Moon and our reading of My Side of the Mountain this really was a bonus trip.

The Vet school always showcases reptiles, fish, cats and dogs, and of course farm animals. You can have a chance to milk a cow, guess a cow's weight, and pet piglets, chicks, goats, Holstein calves, and ponies.

One local farm even brings a llama and a camel named Chewy. The event is so packed that we enjoyed our favorite animals and got out of there, but it is always a fun day to see what veterinarians do close up. They have a special tread mill for horses and you can dress up like a surgeon to help animals. It's a really neat career type of day too with many companies and technical schools showing off their programs. When our 4yo I was just 2.5, we went and he touched every animal in the place. Yesterday he was not so brave, but the pony was a delight for all.

This field trip was a fun time to visit farm animals during our study of Farmer Boy as well. Almanzo takes care of many animals and even begins to train his own calves when he turns nine. E will be nine in September and we've talked about what his chores are compared to Almanzo's. All the kids have decided they have way less to do than either Laura or Almanzo. I like to use this to my advantage now and then!!

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