Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter Notebooks

This blog is a work in progress and since I'm refining my knowledge of how to use the templates, I'm moving some stuff around!

Our Easter notebooks are one of the additions to the scrapbook notebook that the kids are keeping. For this one we actually used a product called a Fold and Learn developed and sold by our friends at Five in a Row Publishing. Lapbooks or Fold and Learns are a way of documenting school work by adhering things in a "shutter folded" manila type folder. There are plenty of companies will to sell you the contents of the folder or you can make your own. Fold and Learns are a new addition to the FIAR world and come with information and color photos to arrange. Some have crafts to do and some are cut and past with games.

We tried out the St. Patrick's Day one and the Easter one. I think our next one will be for a book title instead of a holiday. In this one the kids learned about Pysanky eggs from the Ukraine and did a little study of where the Ukraine is and we have pictures of some prominent buildings and the eggs themselves. If we could have been more daring we would have tried some of our own. Of course, the true meaning of Easter is what we were able to focus on while doing our activities.

R- 6.5 yrs old

E- 8.5 yrs old

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