Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Review: {WaterProof Bible}

Have you ever dropped a Bible in a puddle on the way to church? Have your kids ever spilled anything on a good book? Ever leave a book on the kitchen table only to learn of a huge washout that tagged the book too? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have water proof books? And not the kind that are puffy and squeak when you read it to your toddler in the bathtub?

I'm pretty excited to have found one- it's the WaterProof Bible from Bardin Marsee Publishing. When I was asked to review the Bible I jumped at the chance to see if it could stand up to a house full of four kids, three of whom are boys, and especially to our teenage son who has a thing for wrecking his Bible. I agreed to the review specifically so I could put the claim to the test!

What are the claims?
  • the Bible is entirely waterproof both inside and out
  • it can stand up to mud, water, juice, hot chocolate, and just about anything else
  • stain resistant
  • ultra-clear text
  • super for backpacking- you can stow it with your gear in the bag
How did the Bible stand up?
  • I left it out in the rain.
  • I let it sit on the kitchen table and on the kitchen counter near the sink.
  • I spooned out some hot cocoa on the Bible

In every case, the Bible wiped dry quickly without a trace that it had been wet. The hot cocoa wiped right off and left no residue. I cannot say the same for the shirts my kids were wearing as they sipped the same cocoa!

Oh no! Cocoa- will it stain?

 What else should I know?
  • It comes in various colors- pink, blue, and camo which is really a tree bark
  • It's available in the following versions: NIV, ESV, NKJV, KJV, NLT, and NASB
  • You can write on the pages easily despite their synthetic nature
  • You can have a complete Bible or versions with the Psalms, Proverbs, and New Testament

What's left to say? This Bible is 100% waterproof! I think the biggest question is would your family or a member of your family benefit from the waterproof property. I know mine can - especially the teenager who is terrific Bible scholar but can't seem to manage to be kind to his Good Book. I'm really impressed with the binding on this edition as well. It's sturdy and the pages will not come out- even when you drop it in a spine breaking way. The only thing to be careful is if the pages do get wet, you'll need to dry them just to prevent mildew. The pages won't be swelling, sticking together, and distorting so you might not remember!

All clean! The cocoa wiped right off!

Good news for readers! If you order a Waterproof Bible from the Bardin Marsee Publishing website you can receive free shipping. Just use the code freeship5 when you order.

The publisher has also allowed me to give away a Bible just like the one I received. Mine is an NIV in camouflage. This giveaway is open to US and military addresses only. Just enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win. You can also enter via the blogs listed below. If you win the giveaway, you have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

You don't have to take my word for it: See what other bloggers have to say about the Waterproof Bible!

Visit the Waterproof Bible folks on facebook and Twitter. Be sure to see for yourself what a robust Bible this is ready to stand up to youth retreats, shaving cream fights, accidental spills, and whatever else your family can throw at it.

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Disclaimer: In order to review this product, I received the Bible of my choice and I was compensated for the time I put into the review. My thoughts are an honest opinion of the product as I experienced it.


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Heather said...

Thanks Kristina!

Unknown said...

Ha ha! Maybe Bardin & Marsee should create matching t-shirts to go along with their Bibles. This Bible looks truly amazing. I know several Christian workers who need this book. said...

You left it in the rain? Go you!
I was tempted but I chickened out (it was before I had a chance to test it out and well, I still needed to see it for myself. ;0)