Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Miss Bliss Blog Has Moved!

I should have been more timely with the announcement...

R12's blog, Miss Bliss, has a new url. She is still blogging under my profile given her age, but I wanted to take my name out of the url so that her new business cards wouldn't be so confusing!

Miss Bliss:  

You can also find the Miss Bliss button and link in my lefthand sidebar- you know...just in case clicking now isn't timely for you.

If you've never been over to visit R's blog, please take a moment and hop over. She blogs about sewing and dolls mostly. I'm still working on the frequency of her posts, but currently she blogs in spurts. She has gobs of content, but her creative self doesn't always want to take the time to share it.

To all the readers of Miss Bliss, R12 thanks you! And thank you to Elizabeth who pointed out to me that some might be missing the blog-  since I was delayed in announcing the change.

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