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What's in the Bible? Review {and Giveaway!}

A couple of years ago at the MOPS International Convention I had the privilege of attending a session on Kids & the Media given by Phil Vischer. He shared all kinds of facts and statistics about how programming affects children. Most of it was what you would imagine- too much poor quality TV equals too many kids watching too much junk. I must admit the numbers were stunning when you think about how many children probably watch a lot of undesirable material completely unmonitored.

Mr. Vischer also shared with us his new (back then) venture called, What's in the Bible? We all know Phil Vischer as the creator of VeggieTales, but he left behind the talking vegetables (which he declared "so 90s") for singing puppets & simple animations. The production costs are much cheaper, but his intention with What's in the Bible goes beyond his goal with VeggieTales. VeggieTales aimed to introduce the Bible through character lessons illustrated by Bible stories, but it didn't go very deep into the Bible itself.

What's in the Bible? is different because it seeks to teach children the content of the Bible in a creative way. So, when I was given the opportunity to review What's in the Bible? I wanted to try it and learn more about it. Prior to my review, I'd only seen clips of the show and even used one during a children's church morning. As part of the iHomeschool Network, I was given a choice of which volume to review and I scoured the list looking for something my kids weren't as familiar with. I landed on the kings of Israel in A Nation Divided- Kings & Chronicles (Volume 6). 

 What's Included?

* There are two 25 minute episodes per DVD.

* There is curriculum available for some of the volumes and more are on the way.

* Some study guides are available for parents.

* Coloring Pages for the kids

* Crafts & Games 
* News style show with an anchor and various skits as segments during the video- some favorites are the Sunday School Lady and the Bentley Brothers- to name a few.

* Phil Vischer himself helps to host the show and keep Buck Denver, the anchor, in line. He does a fantastic job of explaining the finer points along with the more controversial items.

* A digital download of the video- so you can watch on the go!

Take a Look!

So, What do I Think?

* I think Phil Vischer hit his goal with this series of DVDs. They are a fast paced, interesting way to introduce kids to the books of the Bible in a memorable way.

* It made my 13yo son laugh and he does a great imitation of the boy in the mini van. If I could, I'd show you. You haven't lived until you've heard your early teen son say, in a high pitched voice, "Mother- the King of the mini-van desires knowledge!" you'd have to be there. Go and see!

* Based on the short clips I'd seen, I wasn't so sure, but seeing my kids enjoy them and remember the story of Kings & Chronicles tells me that it works. 
 How to Buy:

If you visit the home page of What's in the Bible? You'll see a chance to save on your own copy to get your library started. Otherwise, each DVD costs $14.99 from the website and $9.99 from CBD.

Win a copy of Volume 1: In the Beginning

 A Chance to Win!

I'm dipping my foot into the waters of Rafflecopter and I'd be delighted if you'd make one or a few entries for your chance to win a copy of Volume 1: In the Beginning. Good luck!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: As part of this review process, I was gifted the Volume 6 and Volume 1 DVDs. In addition, I will receive a modest stipend for my opinion.

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