Friday, July 20, 2012

Household News & Unschooling Moments

We have been at our new home for almost a week now! It was a week ago today that we took possession of the home at about 2pm in the afternoon. We cleaned that day and last Saturday we made the big move. I should probably tell that story which involves many, many people from our church turning out in force to clean or load the truck or unload the truck and even delivering lunch to our tired helpers! It was a day the Body of Christ was in its prime form and we are truly grateful to everyone including my inlaws who kept everyone fed and happy otherwise and filled in with errands and anything else we needed.

Needless to say, not everything is unpacked. Standing in our way most significantly is the final carpet cleaning on the main floor. The previous owners had a cat (and a dog) and we have major cat/dog allergies in our family. So, a good cleaning is the order of the day and it's always good to freshen things up, right? We have one more room and some soft furniture they left for us- which is such a blessing. Think fun reading corners!

The kitchen is just about done although it's so huge compared to my last one that I'll be moving things around for sure as I get more used to things. Here's a shout out to the three ladies from our church who unpacked most of our kitchen and cleaned out and organized the pantry on move in day!

All that to say, I've been cooking all week and we've had "normal" dinner times. Last night after dinner, R12 presented Dan with the Family Times (renamed to protect the innocent). Dan read it aloud to us all and we had a great laugh!

She did a nice job formatting into columns by hand.

R12's newspapers offer color graphics as well.

Some highlights for you:

House Progress
Cleaning of the floors has now begun in the downstairs. The upstairs has already been cleaned.

More Money
I10 wants money! He is trying to earn money by doing extra jobs. He expects money to come pouring in around mid-August.

And my personal favorite:

Person Needed!
Someone is needed to vacuum the basement!

We've been using the Shop Vac in our basement to do some "spring cleaning" and it's a big space! So, it's slow going as it is handed out to the kids when they are bored. Although, as of last night, it's been sectioned off and a more methodical process has begun.

You can't beat the unschooling moment of a Family Newspaper! She has other features like Entertainment, Book Reviews, Photo Contests, and Explorer Information- which is a section showing a map of the trails they've explored behind our house and a section offering tours.


TN Quiltbug said...

So happy for you in your move, but I HAVE to ask: "Do you have a Secret Lair in your new house?" I hope so!!!! Loved your lair in your old one!

Heather said...

Thanks for checking on my lair. : ) Yes, I have a lair here. It is not in the basement next to the furnace either!

It is in the fourth bedroom upstairs which I will share with my husband's computer desk.

And all three boys will still room together in a much bigger room. So, it's a trade off.

The lair will be forthcoming...first priority is CARPETS.