Sunday, July 29, 2012

4-H Word Cloud Textile Art

About a month ago I purchased the Hearts and Trees Volume 2 Magazine and we've been enjoying it here and there as we've had time before and after our move. R12's favorite activity has been the word cloud. While she was playing around with it, she made a 4-H clover leaf and put in it all the words she could think of that had to do with her 4-H experience. I encouraged her to take a look on our local cooperative extension website to explore other 4-H events and ideas and she came up with this great little word cloud in just the right color. She decided it would look terrific on a tshirt. Here's a look at how R12 made the shirt.

After she made the word cloud she had to reverse the image in order to iron it on a shirt- we have practice at this from making the FLL tshirts.

Iron is ready- ok it's not my iron. Ours has not turned up at the new house. I didn't pack it...Dan did. When you iron on the shirts you can't use an ironing board. Interesting, huh?

She trimmed around the edges of the clover leaf and you can see we printed it reversed so it will turn out right on the shirt.

I gave a hand in the ironing- she didn't want to take any chances on messing it up!

Ready for lift off!

The finished product. Isn't that cool?

We had a feeling this one would do well and look! A blue ribbon!
Even better look at this! Later on we saw that it was chosen to go to State Fair! Congratulations R!

I encourage you to check out Amanda's Hearts and Trees Volume 2 Magazine. The tag line says- Encouraging Art. Handicrafts, and Nature Study. We had a fun time with the first volume as well and I'll be sharing more about the magazines really soon.

I just wanted to share with you some good news from the 4-H Fair and there's more to come. E13 has another game on the way to the Great NY State Fair. Stay tuned!


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Awesome idea and use of the word cloud! Excellent job R12!

Congrats on your ribbon and best wishes at the State Fair.

The Reynolds said...

ataryueMaybe we will see you at state fair heather! My ds is taking his heifer....

Great job on the shirt R12!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.