Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Must Have Homeschooling Items

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Today's topic is Top Ten Must Haves for Homeschooling. In no particular order, here goes:

Table for schooling- where all the kids can sit together. They may be working separately, but can still interact together at the table. Ours is an old kitchen table with legs custom made by Dan.

Printer/Copier- this one is indispensable for me as I use resources from the bookshelf and computer. Make sure it's a good one with modest ink costs! We have the Canon MX700 which is an older model now and still works wonderfully.

Synonym Finder/Dictionary- there is a lot you can do with a good dictionary and thesaurus that reaches far beyond just a quick reference. I love those tools in our homeschool!

Atlas/Maps/Google Earth- we always want to know where we are! 

Books- If all I had were good books, my kids would have an excellent education!

Good stash of craft supplies- a good closet-ful at the ready make things easy.

Watercolor paper and watercolors- I like Prang brand in the trays and tube watercolors and we always use watercolor paper. It's way more fun!

GBC ProClick Binder- this is new in our homeschool as of last summer, but I wish I'd gotten it years ago! We can bind anything and time and still add pages, etc. LUV my ProClick!

Loose Leaf Paper- this is a must at our house. So simple and yet it goes along way in our world of notebooking. Nothing helps the job to get done more than grabbing a sheet of paper and creating a notebook page!

Computers- We use these for all of our favorite websites and research galore. We have two desktops for the kids at a table side by side in our school room.


Hodgepodgemom said...

Hmmm. Proclick binder? I must look into this more. Wonderful list!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy I came across your page! Great list! I agree with the art supplies!

Jamie @ The Unlikely Homeschool said...

A tinge of jealousy on the binder. We make tons of books around here and always end up paying Office Max to do it.

Anonymous said...

Oh How I love my proclick, after reading about it here on several occasions I received one for my birthday, and haven't stopped binding yet, I even wrote about it yesterday!