Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First Day of Spring!

We spent the first day of spring having a lovely walk at the arboretum at the Cornell Plantations. We needed to be out for a realtor open house (remember our house is on the market) and most of the kids wanted an outdoor outing. After all, it was the first day of spring and it was unprecedentedly warm! In fact, the arboretum doesn't normally open for vehicle traffic until the end of April. Golf resorts and other outdoor destinations can't argue with the freakishly warm March weather so they just opened up and started the season.

Honestly...this is color is about a month ahead of schedule. Even forsythia aren't out until mid-April normally.

We wound around all over the place- there are lots of paved pathways for good walking.

What a surprising find on this college campus walk...

Those trees make it look like a normal March around here!

Our navigators always prefer to have a map in hand. There will be great plans on our next visit.

We had a nice two mile walk, but I did eventually head back to the car. Next time we go, we'll do some more exploring. There were people walking everywhere. Who can resist?

My plan is to return once a week over the next month or so to see the changes in the plants leafing out and blooming. I'll be sure to take some of these same shots.

Happy Spring!

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