Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Grade Math

Just another update on some first grade math with Fred Butterflies. J6 has graduated from Butterflies and he is working on Cats. I'd say he's doing pretty well. I finally gave in and let him use wide ruled loose leaf paper rather than his primary paper. Good decision I think.

Not a bad use of regular paper by our resident first grader.

As J6 worked on the addition practice at the back of the book, he informed me that he could not be tricked! His way of saying...these aren't hard.

Overall, J6 loves Fred as much as anyone at our house. He gets the chance to read to me and we play at other sorts of math. Right now we are preparing our house for selling which is exciting and very busy. Dan is furiously doing his best job at painting (of course his best case the house doesn't sell in which case we want to live with the best he has to offer!) and the rest of us are thinning out and organizing. We are hoping to have our house officially on the market by March 1st so our school routine looks more unusual than...well...usual! But right now I'm working on organizing a set of cubbies in our learning area. Easy access to all things math fun. Stay tuned for a look at that.


Nancy said...

Looking forward to starting LOF here as well. We will also be using MOTL. It arrived yesterday and I have been pouring through it figuring out how to implement it. Thanks for all your math stuff on your blog to help me make this transition for our family!

Good luck on selling your house. I assume you guys are just upgrading to a different house. We are hoping to do the same this summer.

Tracey said...

WOW! I cannot believe J6 is already in first grade. It looks like you are off to a great start.

Kisha said...

First grade is fun! We love Life of Fred around here too. The boys are on the Butterflies book. I'm even having Kalijah go through them for fun, and she's on the Edgewood book.