Saturday, December 3, 2011

4-H Pie Bee

The weekend before Thanksgiving we joined with our new 4-H group to have a Pie Bee. We all worked to make about 20 pies for a local Loaves and Fishes. We hope their clients enjoyed these pies. I thought about all the different shapes of apples they would get to enjoy!

The absolute highlight of this meeting for J6 was cutting the apples. Hands down.

Mixing ingredients...some of us are one handed adventurers.

Each child got a ball of dough to roll out. The kids had a great time.

Since R11 had a broken arm, she partnered up with I9 and together they made two pies. Sweet stuff!

What happened to the days when cameras took a picture when you pushed the button- the first time?

J6's finished pie!

We've spent the last several years as independent 4-Hers and we are trying out a new club in our own county (previously we participated in the county next door for various reasons). They are very active so that's exciting. Each month they do a meeting with a short business portion and a community service project. Then there are other activities to sign up for throughout the month if you choose to do so. They have a lot going on. We'll see how it goes, but I do have to admit that the independent status fits much better with our lifestyle. I'll keep you posted.


e-Expeditions said...

That looks like a lot of fun! :)

By the way, on a random note, I just noticed The Prisoner of Zenda in your sidebar--such a great book, one of my favorites. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Heather -- it's me, Shelly L. So, I see on your comment info that I can have a google account, or there is also 'open id' as an option, and within that I see the 'type pad' logo. I have really been wanting to comment on a few blogs, but I don't think anon is an option on the others. I could be wrong on that. I'll just have to investigate this further and see what happens. I would think google or typepad are the way to go, if one can't be anonymous. And actually, I wouldn't mind 'not' being anonymous for a change -- ha! Thanks, and if you have any more insight, let me know via the boards or email!

Heather said...

Thanks Shelly! I hope you figure it out. I just now about blogger here. And on type pad blogs I've just put my info in there and just comment. Good luck!