Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More Catalog Math...

I'm going to try and catch you all up on the different things we've been doing in school. It's a busy season with our FIRST LEGO League team having its final preparations for competition and just when we are typically finished with it, our teams won a chance to attend the next level of competition in Rochester! More on that in another post. To get us started on some more catch up, I'll start with some math ideas.

Behold the power of the whiteboard!

I love to use the white board to change things up during math time. Some kids like it a lot and some don't. Makes it easy for me to say- try again!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...pretty sure.

Oh yes...did I mention that R11 broke her arm on Halloween? Co-op recess...she took a fall on the blacktop tripping over a ball. Her cast busy with signatures these days. Another week of the cast and then she'll be wearing a splint for a few weeks.

I9 is working on learning how to do the big multiplication problems. Not bad for a start...

J6 is practicing his two digit addition without carrying. He loves the whiteboard!

R11 checks her own math...sometimes she gets it and sometimes she needs a redo. A little reminder on where the dollar sign goes wouldn't hurt either!

I gave this problem to R11 last week. She had to work on calculating tax for her American Girl doll purchase. Not a fancy notebook page, but I find my it's easy to just put an idea on paper and hand it to my kids. I'm all about getting the job done.

In case you like the white boards, these are from Discount School Supply. They are the Reversible Picture Story Whiteboard which is currently out of stock, but hopefully will reappear. If not there are some other lap sized white boards available. I like these because they do not have a lip/frame around the edge so they are easy to write on. My kids use them a lot for stop motion video too!

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Zombiemommy said...

We have just started our own Jr. First Lego Team and have had our first meeting already. I hope it becomes a long term thing for the boys.