Friday, October 14, 2011

The Glorious Flight

I'm a little behind on blogging our recent FIAR units. I'll be posting them in no particular order- except which ones are ready first. We've been keeping a pretty good routine with a book a week or so. Two weeks ago we rowed The Glorious Flight. J6 enjoyed this one a lot and he and I9 did some airplane things together- I9 is doing the Beyond FIAR unit on Neil Armstrong.

Placing his story disk on France
He read the directions and tried making a plane with a rudder.
Making the final adjustments
He's been doing copy work from the FIAR books. If they are long, then he does one sentence a day right now. Handwriting is the big challenge for him this year. I think he's doing pretty well.
They both enjoyed balsa wood planes- just like Neil Armstrong played with
Using his copywork to type in Cambrai, France. Independent to his core, there is no helping him out!
We peaked at an atlas, but since my world atlas didn't have Cambrai, I asked if he'd like to use Google Earth. He luvvvs Google Earth.
You know what's even cooler? You can actually SEE the White Cliffs of Dover using Google Earth!

J6 is all about going to the street level to see what's going on. That worked out really well in today's lesson too- more on that later. Homeschooling J6 is a delicate balance of keeping him challenged and making sure he jumps through a few of my hoops. He wants to press the edge- all the time! A delightful challenge, but it keeps me very busy.


SarahElisabeth said...

We rowed "The glorious flight" a couple of weeks ago too. Being in England we ended up with a trip to Dover. I've blogged about what we did and the trip.
We really enjoyed this book.

Kisha said...

So cool! My boys love google earth too. Great job with keeping him engaged while still having him jump through a few of your hoops! I know all about that.

Dawn said...

We really enjoyed "The Glorious Flight" a few years ago. I should do it again.

Jimmie said...

Very cool image of the Dover cliffs. I've never been a huge fan of Google earth because I find it hard to understand what I see from an aerial view. I'm just too connected to the earth to visualize it that way.

sorry to hear about your dishwasher! Hope you win a dish mat. In all there are 33 chances!