Friday, September 30, 2011

Math Fun- First Grade Style

We do math first thing at our house and J6 has been enjoying the Funtastic Frogs. I'd like you there, but word on the street is that they no longer make The Frogs. This is tragic. But if you have them use them! If not, then any counter will do- beans, legos, cubes, bugs, or whatever cute object you own!

(Cell phone picture)- this is a page from his Frog math book. He has a lot of basic math skills so it's been tough to see where we really need to start to give him a challenge.
This is one I created from some story math problems at Homeschool Share. I just put the problems in a word document, put spaces between them, and add the boxes for him to write his answers. These are problems from Down, Down the Mountain. As we read the problems, we highlighted the number words.

Many times he does not use a counter, but it's great fun all the same. We do a lot of math orally as well. He has a few activities he really enjoys and a lot of the time I leave down math activities for him to explore on his own. Stay tuned for more math news...

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