Monday, August 8, 2011

Quilt Project

R11 and I9 have been busy most of today working on some quilt squares. They are making a quilt from fabric scraps and having the best time working together. Apparently, if I9 helps out with the grunt work on this quilt (he's been pressing seams and helping with design decisions as far as I can tell), then she will help him to make a ammunition pouch for his Nerf darts. Win/win.

Sewing away on the world's messiest surface! R11's crafts knows no bounds...just ask Dan!
Our sewing pal Mrs. R picked this free booklet up for us. I think it inspired this latest endeavor.
Some of the finished squares...aren't they fun? This is going to be a funky quilt!
They've been using this as one resource- it has a lot of good tips and instructions.
Pressing open the seams...
Pressing out the front...How do you like that color combo?
This is a seam allowance guide...with directions on how to use it!
They are beginning work on the signature square...only they ran out of fabric. They will need to begin again.
What could be better than a brother-sister pair working together on a project? I've seen R11 make a lot of quilt squares. Let's see if she can put this together! To that end, I have some math ideas on this quilt that we will work out tomorrow. Sewing provides tons of opportunities for living math projects. She will be calculating the finished size of the quilt given the dimensions and number of each square while allowing for seam allowances once the quilt is complete. This comes at a perfect time because I really need to hit it for the planning in the next couple of weeks. It's almost go time!


Shawntele said...

Stopping by to say hello, was listening to you this morning on the HOTM conference. :O)

Heather said...

Thanks Shawntele!