Sunday, July 24, 2011

Just One More Kids!

Overlook that is... On Monday when we viewed those falls, we also hit some overlooks and a museum all about William Pryor Letchworth and Mary Jemison. We saw trees planted 142 years before and other stands of trees planted at various times. We had ice cream. We had fun. It was miserably hot, but we carried on. Finally, we had to give up. But, we remained undaunted and hit the rest of the overlooks on the way out of the park when we packed out a day early!

There was face painting and game playing and more face painting...which I have to warn you all is not such clean affair when sweat is pouring off of you!

I9 was well equipped with his binoculars and his compass. Love a boy with a compass!

The Odyssey...carrying everything and almost everyone and some bikes.

That's a Saturn Coupe carrying all the food supply (including three coolers!) and some bikes.

Question: Have you ever seen a rabbit haul like that? I mean that rabbit is cookin'...check out his ears flying in the wind. Apparently, he's being chased by a snake.

Sure it looks different here kids...can't you see it?
By the third overlook the kids had decided to stay in the cars. So, Dan and I got out and Dan looks over the edge and shouts, "This is AMAZING!" which brought out the two younger boys. When we got back to the van R11 says, "It was just another overlook and I and J fell for it!" She was also famous for saying, "It's just another gorge. It doesn't matter how many waterfalls it has!" Let me just say that we are no stranger to gorges here!

I have one more special post to share and I need a great picture for it. Stay tuned!


Kisha said...

R11 is so funny!! "It's just another gorge!" That reminds me of when we were in Germany looking at one of the castles. Kalijah looked bored out of her mind and said, "This looks just like the castle in Naples." In a child's mind, I guess once you've seen one castle (or gorge) you've seen them all.

Kids Worksheets said...

Lovely place and great photography!!!

Jeff and Sarah said...

This isn't related to this post, but I wanted to make sure you saw this question:

Could you do a post about your Top 10 favorite games to play w/ kids?

Mine are younger (9, 7, 5), but I am so tired of playing Uno and Skip-Bo and Guess Who, I just might scream if I have to play them again!

I've read your other posts about games, but some of them seem way too old for our family, although it's hard to be sure from a general review. Also I don't want to buy a bunch of duds by just guessing myself.

Thank you!

Heather said...

I'll see what I can do Sarah!


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