Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sewing News: The Ruffler Attachment

I've been dying to share this little piece of mechanics with you for a while. This was a really fun thing we picked up for R11 for her birthday. A ruffler attachment for her Bernette 82e sewing machine! It does some cool tricks- it can gather fabric and make a ruffle at varying intervals and it can even do that while sewing the whole thing to another piece of fabric. What's not to love? R11 had the chance to use one at a friend's house and has been excited about it ever since. It was the next logical step for our budding seamstress!

It's a special foot that you attach and it gathers fabric at 1, 6, and every 12th stitch. Pretty cool.

She's only just begun! I can't wait to see what she creates with this marvelous little tool and let me tell you how amazing this thing is to watch!

In full disclosure, we've hit a snaffoo with it. We had some trouble figuring it out and it started bunching up on us. So, although we made a few cute runs, we had to send out the machine to get it fixed. We are hopeful it will return to us good as new and with a working ruffler. The moving parts seemed a little too stiff to me so my hope is that it will work even better when it returns- which could be a bit. The shop is very busy! Until then, mine is back from its first tune up in 13 years and we can use that for our creative endeavors.


Naptime Seamstress said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my ruffler, too! I usually make more pleats with it than actually gathering to ruffle, though.

And I'm using my gathering foot a lot lately, too. But the ruffler is still more fun!

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Hope the machine comes back purring like a kitten! Here's another trick for the ruffler - changing your stitch length will also change the depth of each little pleated ruffle. Longer stitch lenth = deeper ruffles, shorter stitch length = shallower ruffles. Have fun!

Heather said...

Thanks for all the tips ladies! We can hardly wait for its return.


Jimmie said...

I want to thank you for this post. When I saw your photos, I had a flash of realization. We bought a ruffler at a thrift store and had no idea what it was! Why Sprite wanted it, I have no idea. I tried to discourage her, but she wanted to play with it. It was dirt cheap, so I relented. Anyway, after seeing your post I realized that we had bought a ruffler! And the amazing thing is that it WORKS on my machine. Amazing. So thanks to you I have a ruffler.