Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pill Bug Notebook Page

As promised, a glimpse of the notebook page the kids did on pill bugs. This one is R10's page. I was going to use a page that Barb at Handbook of Nature Study had suggested, but I was having trouble with the download that day. All is well now, but when a notebook page isn't available, I just go with it.

This one hasn't been spell checked!

We have been inundated with dr's appointments this month between regular dental appointments, my check ups, ENT appts, and some bouts with pink eye- which are still going on! So, our relaxed pace at home has not been normal these last few weeks.

Some things we have been doing include finishing up our school year and planning our garden. This year we are participating in the heritage garden club through 4H and our theme this year is sunflowers. We've also designed a small herb garden which we're pretty excited about. We decided to just do these two plantings and we are hoping for some success! I will share with you our sunflower garden plans in a bit. We haven't done any planting because Memorial Day is just about upon us and believe it or not, it's not safe to plant before Memorial Day where we are. I know many of you are well into your gardening, but the growing season is short and it's just about time.

Speaking of notebook pages, I thought I'd share here that Debra at NotebookingPages.Com is having her birthday sale for just another few days. I'm not an affiliate, but I do have a membership which I just renewed with this great sale and let's just say, I won't have to worry about a source for notebooking pages for a long, long time!

I am hoping to take the kids out walking at the nearby plantations to have a look at some blooming plants tomorrow- before a dentist appt. Probably a great opportunity to take along some watercolor pencils for some sketching. Have you done any spring nature study this season?

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Lori said...

Super cute notebook page! I love that it has not been spell checked. Although I did not spot the errors, I have to admit that I like seeing other "real" work. I get discouraged if everything I see looks too perfect.

We have also had a month of dentist and doctor appts. as well as the loss of a very dear friend. School as normal as gone out the window, but I guess that is all part of homeschooling.

Thanks for sharing the notebook page!