Thursday, April 28, 2011

Outdoor Math

As May approaches, here in NY we are starting to see some nice days here and there. Where we live, when the weather is nice you drop everything and head outside. It's tiresome, but that's the way it is! However, sometimes there is work that just needs to be done. Such was the case the other day and we headed outdoors into the wind and warmth to do some math. I8 finished his up pretty quickly. He's been doing a lot with fractions- equivalent fractions and reading fraction picture books (I'll share these in another post) and I had just taught him about adding fractions with like denominators. So, that was his 5-a-Day for that day. R10 has been working through Life of Fred Fractions and she's sorta stuck on getting three wrong on her second set of bridges on chapters 1 to 15. Finally, I started focusing on which problem types she was having issues with and we worked one some together in the warm, gusty air.

The rocks were to hold down the paper...she's working on equivalent fractions and Greatest Common Factor. We had a nice conversation about the GCM.

After a lovely day most of the day- besides the very warm air that is cooking up storms...this one is finally going to land on  us. Notice that our tree is getting serious about having leaves. Finally!
The kids love this tree swing hanging from that big tree with a nice long rope. I'm thinking some good math fact practice will be happening out here this spring.

In the final was a great lesson day for both of us. She understood my explanations and I was able to figure out where she was getting tripped up.

Sometimes it's just fun to change up the scenery. You can still enjoy the outdoors without abandoning all responsibility. Though, I still reserve the right to call "Sun Days" since we work through most snow days! Enjoy our spring, wherever it takes you!


Toodlebugz said...

This past week it has finally been nice here too. I think we probably have similar weather patterns since you aren't too far off of Lake Erie either. Isn't is nice to see the sun! ;o) And leaves! My son just looked out the window yesterday and said Mom, come look, I said at what and he said, it is green on the trees. When you live around here you appreciate spring even more!

Sally said...

looks great! I'd love to hear how you like LIfe of Fred, as we are seriously thinking of going with that for our daughter -- but no one here local uses it!! :)