Monday, April 18, 2011

Boy Scientist and His Snap Circuits

J5 has been spending a lot of time with his brother's Snap Circuits recently. He is just a figure-outer kinda guy. He's been mapping out the circuits with great success. I think some add-ons to our current sets might be in his future. If you've never seen them, they are an electronic building set where the pieces of the circuit snap into place. What's especially nice about these is that unless you build it wrong, it works! No persnickety wires to be sure are completing circuits and things like that.

The blank slate is before him...what will he build?

The musical doorbell- he loves the sounds! His brother...not so much.

The finished circuit. It works! Not bad for our resident kindergartner! For those of you who know me...yes. I even buy batteries at Wegmans.

As much as he would like it, he doesn't have free reign with the Snap Circuits. When Dan saw that he was making up his own circuits, he had to channel him back to the authorized maps. But "when he grows up" he's going to make his own. In fact, he has a whole list of scientific, inventor, tinkerer type activities that he will get to do when he is old enough!


Toodlebugz said...

We bought a set for my son for Christmas & he loves them. They have a ac adapter that you can purchase for it. I think we got it at Amazon. In case you wondered. ;o) We go through batteries like water around here!

Michele said...

We recently got the boys these and we love them! Both boys have loved playing with them and building circuits!

Anonymous said...

J_____ your great uncle Bruce finds this very interesting and is quite impressed. I used a similar thing when I was a bit older than you are, but with soldering and higher voltages that really "bite", but the principle is the same. My first electronics instructor was producing a larger such item to teach electronics at the college level. He financed it by....inventing the cardiac pacer.
Morris Tischler might be a good research project.
Batteries. I have been using so many that I got rechargable ones. I figured that at the cost of them if I only got three uses out of a battery it had paid for itself. The chargers are sometimes nearly free with the purchase of the batteries.
Great job Heather. Love to you all.

Uncle Bruce

Heather said...

Oh not to worry everyone! We have LOADS of rechargable batteries. the really nice ones and a fabulous charger. J5 spends a lot of time there switching batteries.

Thanks for stopping by Uncle Bruce!


Kisha said...

Thanks for giving me something to add to my Amazon wishlist, Heather. My boys would love this. They are very into figuring things out.