Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lion Prep

Good news! I have heard from the author of the Lion Preparatory Academy and she does have copies to sell! Her name is Lynn and she is willing to ship to anyone who would like to purchase it. It will be about $50 plus shipping as I recall, but the price may vary so take that as a "ball park figure" please! She can be reached at theophilusbooks (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Lion Prep is a literature based course of study built upon The Chronicles of Narnia. It has six week studies for all seven books in the series. For each book you will find:
  • a Recommended Resources page- batched by books for secondary,  young, and middle, videos, and field trip ideas
  • Vocabulary List- for all six weeks on one page broken up by week
By Chapter Groups (various chapters are grouped together each week)you will find the following for each book:
  • Discussion Questions- for each chapter for the week
  • Activities
  • Vocabulary- with exercises
  • Dictation/Grammar- which includes a passage to dictate and then a list of what to focus on for grammar and the resources in which you can find information about them.
There is a "How to Use this Study" page and an appendix. There is a letter to parents of students and the students themselves. She talks about the order in which she assembled the study. The Magician's Nephew is not first, but The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is because it is the way in which they were published and it parallels the way that a person encounters the Savior. LWW is a story of redemption and meeting God.

I'm excited she still has copies to sell and I hope that if you are interested in Lion Prep that you will contact Lynn and see about getting Lion Prep for your homeschool. If you have other questions about the study, feel free to leave a comment.

Happy planning!


Alicia said...

Heather thank you so much for thaking the time to do this for us. I sent Lynn an email this morning. We are looking forward to using this next term.

Alicia in New Zealand

Heather said...


Toodlebugz said...

I just stumbled onto your blog today and love it. When I began homeschooling 8 years ago I did a boxed curriculum and have slowly been breaking free from this way of teaching. I would love to unschool but find that it is not structured enough for me and would always be asking myself if they were learning anything. I am starting to look at unit studies and even purchased one unit of TOG last year. I still found it more structured than I wanted and a little overwhelming. I own Valerie Bents book and am looking into making my own but am not quite understanding how to implement this. I am attempting to make one now but I do not know exactly how you do this. Can you suggest anything (book,blog,etc.) that gives a step by step break down of how you make the study after finding resources on the topic?
I am desperately seeking help to get back that love of learning that we all have slowly lost.

Heather said...

Hi Joy!

You stumbled to the right place for finding out about unit studies.

This sounds like a great post topic. I'll work on that right away.

Until then, you can look in my unit studies tag up top and see what we've done.

I've looked at TOG and it does seem intense for a unit study. We are hardcore Five in a Row users and it all about the love of learning. A steady stream of things to do without feeling intense. LOVE this program.

Also, I love Valerie's book. It's actually one of my top homeschooling resources. The beauty of making your own study is that it doesn't require a lot of structure. However, that does require that you let go of some of the structure and worry!

Definitely worth a post. Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Trudy Osborn said...

Thank you so much for looking into this for us.

Kisha said...

Neat, Heather! We just finished reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a read-aloud a few weeks ago.