Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Ninos Pizzeria- Making Pizza!

I8 and J5 finished up a unit on Little Nino's pizzeria which involved making pizza. Of course. I8 loves to help in the kitchen and this was no exception. He and I worked alone on this for the most part. We used a pizza acitivty kit to get us started and did a little experiment with our yeast. Unfortunately, the yeast were not super vibrant and the experiment flopped a bit. So, when it was time to make the dough, we used some yeast we had on hand instead.

Our yeast was not up for making big bubbles. I think they were tired.

Kneading was a bit of trouble- very sticky dough, but he had fun anyway. During his 4H presentation on making dough, this fingers really got stuck but he held it together.

He let it rise and punched it down!

Everyone loves to roll out the dough- still loving my new 2/3 sheet pans. Use them ALL the time.

Ready for the oven!

I think we need to bake the dough a touch before adding the toppings, then we'd have a blonder pizza in the end. This was a fun project which turned into a presentation for I8.

I8 used these pictures on his poster for the 4-H public presentation he did on making pizza and pizza dough. He did an excellent job even though there were a few mis-haps along the way. Next year he is going to do something less complex. On the whole though, he did really well. Great job I8!

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Anonymous said...

Flip the pan over - easier to roll out the dough, and halfway through baking you can slide the pizza off the pan onto a lower oven rack. That will make your crust perfect. Then use a spatula to slide the pizza out onto a cutting board when done. Yum!