Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Morse Code

I8 found a Morse Code Signal Set in his stocking this Christmas. At first, they did quite get them until everyone figured out how to use the flashers. Since then they've been signaling like crazy!

The code is in The Dangerous Book for Boys

J5 spent one whole evening sending code to me and he caught on pretty quickly so that he was deciphering codes from his siblings- and being the first to guess correctly!

The encoder comes with the alphabet on it and then it has the deciphering cards to match.

Blurry- but this is the signal when you squeeze and when you don't it is black. So cool.

This was such a great find to add to I8's adventuring. He loves it and the kids have been having a great time sending messages. E12 is doing a unit on Heroes of Invention which this time around does not include Samuel Morse, but it does go along with the spirit of invention.

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Kim @ In Our Write Minds said...

This looks like fun! I've been reading The Mysterious Benedict Society (a kids' book, but a fun read), and the characters learn to communicate in Morse code. I bet my grandsons would love this set.