Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Building of Stonehenge

Many, many of you have asked me if and how we use Mystery of History or Story of the World. We do use them. I've been collecting volumes of both used over the years and we've used SOTW in conjunction with our unit studies- FIAR or otherwise and we still do. This year, however, I made the decision to try and start from the beginning and work our way through volume one- the ancient world. Mainly, so we could continue along with the unit studies of our choosing all the while making sure we hit world history along the way.

It is slow going, but we are doing it. I focus on it only three days a week and I have one who loves the projects and one who likes the research. It's been a fun Bible time in our day as well. We really like seeing how secular history lines up with all the Bible stories we've been teaching the kids all these years. Yesterday, we read about Stonehenge and R10 decided to make a stop motion video of the event. She incorporated some things we'd read about how experts tried to reenact its construction. She needs some work on perspective and composition, but she put together the information form the reading in a fun way. Check out the ancient Lego men building Stonehenge.

All in all, we make a terrible model for the classical homeschooler! But we dabble and it's been enjoyable- and you have to know that I am not worried about being chronological! I know...that makes some of you all shudder. I have thoughts on timelines which you might enjoying reading. I've been trying to make headway and not skip days this semester. Last semester we really did well with all the extra geography and not as well with the world history. Now the opposite is true. I need to follow my own advice which is to throw ourselves into our unit studies and not add the extras! However, I think throwing ourselves into our unit studies with a sprinkling of chronological history is ok too. At the very least we will continue to read this aloud even if we don't get to do the projects each time. Slow and steady friends! That's how the race is won.

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Kisha said...

Neat video! We're not model classical homeschoolers either, but that's okay. We use Story of the World and A Child's History of the World as read-alouds too.