Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pioneer Living- Hunting Bag

I8 has been taking a Pioneer Living class at our homeschool co-op this semester. He adores this class! They have learned to start fires, cook things over a fire, dry apples, work with wood, etc. Early on I8 enthusiastically took on making a hunting bag.

He'd been dying to use a sewing machine and now it's finished! He brought it home yesterday...he finished the hard work reportedly giving up more "fire" lessons/bowl making to complete his project.

Nice bag I8!

What can't this bag do? Right now it's full of hiking materials- binoculars and a compass and a trail map. But it makes a perfect Indiana Jones satchel as well!

This morning as I came walking down the hallway I was greeted by a hunter and tracker trying to move stealthily across the room without being seen by enemies...

I need to be more careful around the house...didn't realize the dangers afoot!


Tracey said...

Great job I8 and Heather watch out!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your hunting bag, I8!! Another seamstress in the family!

love, Grandma

Heather said...

Grandma...I think we're going with tailor on that one. ; )

julie said...

Wonderful messenger bag! I'm dying to dye it pink and paint a dinosaur on it!