Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Glimpse of Adventure: The Adventure Journal

I8 has been studying Cowboy Charlies for a few weeks now. Intended to be a two week unit study, we have been going longer just so he can immerse himself in adventure for as long as he like to be there. As part of his study, he's been keeping an Adventure Log. The Adventure Log is a just a way for him to summarize all the events and people he's been reading about. It was his idea so I thought I'd let him keep it the way he likes.

Basically, he records the date and the weather for the day and then writes about something he's been reading about- usually a partial account of something in a book he's read about a person from long ago. He's been reading stacks of books about Kit Carson, Lewis and Clark, Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, etc.
This one is about Daniel Boone. He likes to add a picture.

I have been helping to correct the biggest mistakes, but for the most part this has not been a grammar assignment.

I8 is a 3rd grade leftie. He really hates writing in a spiral notebook because the binding gets in his way. So, I thought we'd try the composition book and that seems to work really well. I'm not sure it does much for his handwriting to use wide rule instead of 3rd grade handwriting paper. Anyone have an opinion?
I've been giving him some mapping assignments based on the story Cowboy Charlie. He's been labeling places that Cowboy Charlie traveled and how he got there. I just put the assignment on the back of the map. So clever.

 He's been really enjoying the adventure study and it goes right along with one of his co-op classes this semester- Pioneer Living. He's learned to start fires, cook over a fire, and make hunting bags, etc. We are going to attempt a coon skin cap and we have a few other things in mind before we leave this adventure behind. I'll try to list out the things we've been working on in another post.


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They sell composition books with third grade lines at Staples.

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