Saturday, September 25, 2010

Talking Duplos!

So, I stumbled upon this idea while viewing a Tumblr...from Filth Wizardry. I fell in love. And I instantly knew what I could do with our Duplos. J5 can use them to form three letter words, etc and my next two oldest can use them to form sentences. R10 had a great time putting together a sentence that she copied into her grammar book and adjusted the punctuation. The first one she made was a nonsense sentence. So, then I had her make another sentence, with the same words, that conveyed a conventional notion! I think the idea will go a long way with reluctant writers. I used the Peggy Kaye books below to come up with my word list. By the way, if you've never seen Games for Writing or the other Peggy Kaye books, head to your library now and prepare to be inspired!

letters on labels for J5
label stickers to the rescue!

Both of these books by Peggy Kaye came in handy in choosing the words I wanted to use.

The formerly non-chatty box of Duplos

Wordy Duplos


Valerie said...

You are a genius. I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!!

Considering sneaking into their room right now while they sleep to get the lego boxes...

Lori said...

I love this!!

Cindy said...

I simply LOVE this idea!!! I'm so going to use this idea for my daughter and son. Thank you!!

Melodie said...

Fantastic idea. I love it! My girls have just outgrown their duplos but my oldest is so into words and reading this would make a great partner activity for us for homeschooling.

this is us said...

I can't believe I'm the first to ask, but would you share a list of the words you used?

: )

- Jennifer