Sunday, August 22, 2010

Space Science

I8 has been asking and asking to continue work in his Magic School Bus space kit. So, the same day J5 worked with chemistry, I did some space science with I8.

He chose to paint the planets to make the mobile.

This involved wires and wire cutters- which we couldn't find so we went with needlenose which did the job.
In the end, the wires are floppy and he had a hard time getting them all together. So, we are going to come up with an alternate design just as soon we can settle in and stop traveling constantly.

Summer is quickly drawing to a close and we are all ready to settle only our schedule is not allowing for it just yet. The soccer coaches are scheduling practices and the fall schedule is resuming even this week. It all happens so fast!


SPKarenO said...

Oh - thank you for posting about this. I hadn't seen Magic School Bus kits before - though we love the books and DVDs! I've added them to our homeschool wishlist!!

Kendra said...

We stuck small metal eyes through our planets and then tied string to that and then to the ceiling.. we were out of the invisible stretchy stuff we'd used on the stars, but the effect was the same. :D As long as no one uses the planets for cricket balls they hold up on the eyes.

Heather said...

Thanks Kendra!

Karen...they are nice kits. Simple, but fairly nice anyway.