Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel

Last Friday we went to see a theater production of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel at a local theater. It was brilliant! The kids loved it- even E11 and it was such a fun morning. Of course we've been doing some light "rowing" of this title and yesterday we even got a look at some early steam engine displays while waiting for Dan on campus. There are certainly some terrific advantages of living in a university town.

Some of the cast- the actor who played Mike Mulligan was wonderful! Mary Ann was the cutest steam shovel. The other- newer shovels were all well played and you can even see Henry B. Swap there in the left hand corner.
We are going to see If You Give a Mouse a Cookie in a few weeks and we were going to see Grammar Rock as well, but we cannot. So disappointing! There's always next season and at $3 a ticket, I'll be looking for them next year.

If you are not a Five in a Row user or you otherwise have never read Mike Mulligan and His Steam are missing out on a lovely Virginia Lee Burton creation! Get to the library and enjoy this one with your kids!


Jenny said...

I checked this book out to row once, and then we got busy and never did it. :( We need to soon. I love going to plays like this. BTW, I just posted about your swap package. :)

Molly said...

mike mulligan is a personal favorite of ours. we loved when that theater did busytown last year!

The Popes said...

Man! I wish we had a theatre like that!

I'm His Kid said...

My son would love this, he really likes the book.

Lois of said...

Hi there,
Im a visitng homeschooler. I have to row tommorrow. Looking for inspiration=) Thanks