Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Butterflies

Remember a long time ago now when we hosted some caterpillars at our house? Well...they did eventually change to butterflies and join us. The kids thought this was just amazing and we were able to witness several actually coming out of the chrysalis!

It might be tough to see in this blurry photo, but if you look closely you'll see the emerging butterfly.

The "ladies" really enjoyed their sugar water on our irises. Can you see one below?

The kids might have enjoyed keeping them longer, but once they were all out of the chrysalises and especially once the butterflies engaged in some socialization (ahem), I really felt like it was time to let them go.

The last one is ready to fly out on his own. He was reluctant...took this guy a while to figure things out.

I highly recommend this experience if you are so inclined. The kids really enjoyed it. Insect Lore is a great place to order from and you can find a lot of other things going on there as well.


Rachel said...

Yeah!!! We have our butterfly house right now! So much fun!! We're doing our butterfly unit for fun this summer and it's so neat.

Jamie said...

We did this last year, and the kids are begging to do it again. It was wonderful, but a bit yucky, too, which surprised me.

Heather said...

you mean the red stuff? Yeah those critters are MESSY!!!