Saturday, May 29, 2010

TOS Crew Review: Ideal Curriculum

As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I was given an electronic copy of a preschool curriculum on transportation from Ideal Curriculum.

Ideal Curriculum focuses on skills for preschoolers. Their programs are designed to make sure your preschooler is ready for academics while balancing the need for play.

The Level 1 Monthly Kits are crafted so that they are fun, easy to use and play based.

From the website:

Our Level 1 monthly kits thoroughly prepare young children for academic learning.
  • Each skill area for reading, writing, math, oral language, and science is developed in a sequential, systematic way and tracked by short assessments.
  • All activities are based on games, songs, and play so they are appropriate and fun!
We are so convinced that you will LOVE our preschool kits that we are giving you a free trial! Sign up now and get a one-week curriculum for free.

The print version is $55.00 and the downloadable version is $33.00.

I was able to see level 1, month 1 on transportation. Each monthly kit is divided into a math, science, and literature section with the teacher's manuals included. There is a lot of information there on how to teach young children with varying strategies for math, science and reading. The skills build on one another so it's important to do the kits in order.

While I can see a lot of thought was put into this program, I would not be honest if I suggested that everyone buy this up. The fact is I think "programs" for preschoolers are not necessary IF there is a parent playing and engaging the preschooler in many ways. J4, our resident preschooler, is past this first set of skills.

On the other hand, if you are not a person who plays well naturally with your children, then the teacher's guides in the kits will give you some great information on spending time with them and this curriculum might be for you. I will enjoy using things here and there for Kindergarten this coming year for J4.

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