Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Field Trip Fun!

Last week while R9 was at her Creative Sew, I took the boys to the science center. It was a fantastic visit. The museum was nearly empty and we had plenty of time to explore. We only had a bit over an hour and the boys and I had a good time.

First stop- building a dam. I7 took care of diverting some water so construction could begin.

Construction is ongoing. All three boys had a hand in the action.

Almost there- this was a great activity for a warm day.

The dam is a little leaky and we discussed the implications...the grooves at the bottom are supposed to allow water to leak in a controlled way.

Impounded water- success!

uh-oh...a structural failure!

Then we moved to "Scope on a Rope". J4 is checking out butterfly wings.

This is a family favorite- the geyser. J4 loves to watch the water come to a boil and shoot out.

There she blows!

This is the backdrop to the geyser on the outdoor science area.
Not a bad way to wait out a sibling's activity! Usually we go to the grocery store. This was much more pleasant for us all.

Stay tuned as tomorrow we will put a maple tree seed under our digital microscope...

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Tracey said...

Looks like a lot of fun!