Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Red Lighthouse-Great Gray Bridge Notebooks

With all this talk about The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge, I thought I'd share the notebooks. We used the FIAR Fold n Learn for this title which turned out really nicely.

The kids had to make a list of the rivers in NY- the major ones. We talked about origins of rivers and where they flow to. I let the kids choose a mini book to make. They also made a lighthouse out of shapes and copied a Bible verse. E11 chose his own Bible verse on light and copied all of Psalm 27 which has either been sung or read in church the last two weeks to his delight. This is R9's notebook.
The kids did some mapping as previously posted and we used an activity from the Fold n Learn to map some sights on Manhattan Island. We reviewed cardinal directions and the compass rose and the kids put the sites on the map roughly where they go. Given the restraints of space, I had them draw a line to where the landmark is on the map.
Both R9 and I7 did some copywork from Draw Write Now with the Statue of Liberty. We did a lesson on compound words and on balancing titles. All three kids labeled the types of words in the title of the book. This was a good review of some basic parts of speech.
I made a review sheet for personification. The kids had to tell what it is in their own words and list the other FIAR stories we've read that use personification. Then, of course, they personified something! I love I7's personified lighthouse below.
We used the state fact sheet from Olde World Maps by Homeschool in the Woods. I wanted to include I7's because here you can see how I had him list his NY rivers to me. He dictated his list to me while I typed it into StartWrite so he could use the list as copywork. LOVE to do this!
This is I7's Draw Write Now page and it shows the Bridge Builder challenge we did. I had the kids put this challenge page in their lapbook. They had to list the materials they used because they were on their own page and on the back they put pictures from the post below in sequential order. I even have a few with their actual faces for them to enjoy! It was a good sequencing activity and it made for a nice review and a fine notebook page.
This concludes our study of The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge. It was a lot of fun!

We have moved on to The Salamander Room and I already have notebook pages to share with you. We have been super busy, but doing some really good schooling just the same. Lots to share. This week the play is the thing so bare with me if my blogging slows down. What play? Oh don't worry...there will be a post!

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