Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Caterpillar Fun

J4 and I have been having more Caterpillar fun. Last week we played with the sequence cards and I thought it would be fun to share another video with you. These are just 30 second little videos that I take with my cell phone. I am excited to have another gadget in my arsenal very soon though...a Sony Cybershot will be joining our camera family for snapshot fun. I'm mostly excited about the video and blogging shots I can do with it. Nothing can ever replace our beloved our Canon Digital Rebel. Nothing. (with the exception of another digital Rebel!) The pictures are unmistakably better.

Anyway, enjoy the little video and other than hearing J4's little boy voice you will be graced with my heavy Maryland/Baltimore accent. Listen to the word cocoon especially. Trust me when I say I do not sound like I'm from around here!

Next up we have the life cycle of a butterfly courtesy of the Evan Moor Giant Science Resource Book. J4 was not too interested until I offered up the glitter. Now I'm not a fan of loose glitter (that stuff will come back on you forever). I'm not even really all that into glitter glue (too gloppy). But I love, love, LOVE Elmer's Shimmer n' Shapes. That stuff is an ingenious art glaze with glitter and other shiny things in it. The only thing to worry about is that it will dry out if you don't use it up. You can bling up any art project with this product. Totally worth it. And the glitter is safely caught up in a viscous solution. Perfect.

You can see J4 is all set with his glaze and his art box.

He was so careful with the bottle and the brush. He absolutely loved glazing over his colored life cycle. He wasn't really up for it until the promise of the fun stuff happened. I've probably set a precedent. It'll all be about the shine from here on out. I will say that R9 decorated some poetry with the glaze.
We pulled out The Very Hungry Caterpillar Game and had a fun time collecting food for the caterpillar. R9 and I7 also joined in after the first game.

We have a butterfly garden from Christmas and I'd love to send in the certificate if I could only find it...we may have to purchase a new kit. At least I only paid $5 on some awesome sale for the one we have.

J4 has some lapbook elements to finish up and then we can show off his Caterpillar lapbook complete with a cut and glued blinged up butterfly life cycle.


jennybell said...

I have to add something to your Hungry Caterpillar fun, especially if you need some motivation to try new foods. I started with a caterpillar head made to look like the Hungry Caterpillar and taped it to my kitchen wall at kid height. For every food he tried, which meant a bite swallowed, I added a green circle body part with that food written on it. If he tried something a second time, he got a star.

We don't do this anymore, but he still won't let me take it off the wall!

Heather said...

Jenny VERY fun idea! Thanks for sharing it.


Amy Friendlyshoe said...

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