Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leaving Behind Conventions

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The other day it was such an unusually warm day that while we were out for a walk in the afternoon; we turned toward the school and decided to enjoy the playground. When we arrived, there was an afterschool program there which was called together to return to the school building shortly after we got there. What followed was almost 10 minutes of the teacher coaxing the students to put their coats on and wait in an orderly fashion to go inside. “Whatever your parents sent you in is what you need to be wearing,” was the teacher’s direction. This initiated comments from the kids about whether their parents had actually been home to send them to school. If they had it, they had to wear it. So, despite it being nearly 60 degrees outside, there were students dressed in snow bibbers and winter coats. Finally, the teacher was satisfied and they followed her back into the school.

This scenario brought a flood of things to my mind as I reflected on my days as a public school teacher and on our homeschool. It reminded me that scenes like this are carried out all day long in a school building. (Read more...)


Sue said...

Great article/post.
I left you a comment over at Heart of the Matter!

Blessings :)

Heather said...

Thanks Sue!

Anonymous said...

Now see, I thought it was going to be a post about how homeschool conventions (as in seminars and vendors) were to be left behind.

I'm a little slow on the uptake.


Heather said...

This was way better though, right??

Swim against the tide Jana- go!